Me & Anna
Me & Anna playing

About me and my work:

Acoustic piano is my favorite instrument and the one I started playing early in my age.

While composing on piano, electric bass guitar was my primary instrument in bands.

Then around the year of 2000 I started to experiment with electronic music.

At the moment I play guitar in me & my wife´s band AngelDust, where i also produce electronic music.

When I paint I do it mostly with acrylic & ink.

I also like to combine art & music with video / film / animation.

Now I am mostly into developing, painting and doing 3D-modeling.


The Nest v.2 2015->

Development in the webpage version of "The Nest" started in project Zoi.

The Nest 2008->

Animated movie about the story of "The Nest".

AngelDust 2008->

Me and my wife´s band.

Zoi 2004-2007

After closing the sprock-project i started this one. Also contains drawings & a webpage version of "The Nest"

Sprock 2000-2004

My first alias when experimenting with electronic music. Also contains drawings & video



External Links:

SonarTree @ YouTube

Recorded concerts and video-related art/events

AngelDust @ myspace


My page @ myspace



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